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Uncommon Knowledge (UNK) is such a kindhearted, generous and understanding team and I shall remember them forever. They are a specialist psychology training company based in Oban on the beautiful west coast of Scotland, UK.

I joined the team in 2009 and handled responsibilities of the Web Admin as well as Senior Webmaster a five-day week up to 2019. During those 10 years, I worked on their more than 20 websites built on WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine and more. Among those all sites, I would like to mention the ones most popular and some of them include e-commerce. They are the followings:

Most of the time, I concentrated on customizing themes, templates, plugins, modules, scripts and front-end of their websites. I frequently worked with APIs of their custom built product management system. I successfully executed more than 30 A/B tests into their websites which increased E-commerce conversion rate, Lead generation rate as well as CTR.

I did special purpose scripting for site admins. I performed scripting into their Google Sheets too. I also setup and configured Google Analytics integration with Google Spreadsheets for website performance report in spreadsheet format. I setup Ontraport-Zapier-GoogleSheets integration for calculating and comparing the performance of lead generation funnels.

Sometimes, I had been busy with integrating and managing third party tools and services like Algolia Search, DeadlineFunnel, Leadpages, Ontraport, ZenDesk, Zapier, Disqus, Hellobar, OptinMonster and so on. I also took care of domain/hosting migration as well as site-wide redirection cases. There were so many other types of tasks I accomplished to mention.

If you would like to inquire about my level of expertise and variety of tasks I carried out for UNK team, you may contact Roger Elliott, Managing Director of Uncommon Knowledge at He is a very kind and compassionate person. I have had exceptional and unforgettable experience working with them. I am ever grateful to Uncommon Knowledge.

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This heart-warming, mood-lifting, highly-inspiring, evergreen appreciation landed on me from Roger Elliott of the UNK team at Friday, January 18th, 2013

Photo of Roger Elliott
Roger Elliott

Hey Rajesh

At our team meeting today Ruairidh told everyone how you had helped late into the night with the price increase job, and sorted out all his problems on UncommonU.

We were so impressed and grateful at your going well beyond the call of duty, we wanted to say thank you properly 🙂


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