During my 10 years of employment at a renowned outsourcing company, I had been holding the position of Senior Web Programmer. At there, I served my expertise as an experienced Senior Webmaster to several offshore clients to setup, customize and maintain the usability, consistency and security of their websites and online stores into various platforms.

Except other skills, I have good command, depth knowledge and practical experience specially in:

  • Setup & customize websites in WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, phpBB and more
  • Implementing sitewide redesign based on PSD templates
  • Pixel-perfect PSD to Html/CSS conversion with full responsiveness across all devices
  • Javascript, JQuery scripting for front-end
  • Page loading speed optimization to improve Google’s PageSpeed Insights score of a website (see my site score below)
  • Integrating Algolia Search into the onsite search functionality of a website
  • Integrating third party tools and services into a website like Aweber, MailChimp, Leadpages, Disqus, Zendesk, Zapier, OptinMonster, Hellobar and many more
  • Setup and managing online store in Amazon, Shopify, Ebay and Etsy
  • Integrating Ontraport CRM into a website for lead generation and targeted email marketing
  • Website A/B testing using Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)
  • Domain / Hosting / Website Migration and Redirection
  • Website security and recovery from Virus / Malware infections and other malicious activities
  • Scripting into Google Sheets to generate dynamic reports from incoming data
  • Integrating Google Analytics with Google Sheets for generating website performance report

My goal is to be a world class Web Developer through years of experience. I believe that the combination of Honesty, Reliability, Loyalty, Sincerity, Dedication and Experience, is the most powerful than anything else to be a successful web developer.

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A remarkable PageSpeed score!!

It is not a hidden secret anymore why web developers are sweating their guts out to decrease loading time of websites. Because Page Speed is nowadays one of the most important key indicators if a website will rank higher in Google search results or not.

Therefore, website owners have been remaining concerned all the time about this fact. They have made it higher priority task for their web developers to keep their websites as fast as possible. And of course, I am also highly cautious with this matter.

Since I am the owner as well as the developer of this website, I have put everything I know into it. But the outcome of all my efforts here, was quite unanticipated!! I am going to show you why that was so.

Before checking the final version of my website into Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool, I was expecting to score 85% – 92% for Desktop and 80% – 85% for mobile. But what I saw, was a very pleasant surprise to put a big smile on my face 🙂

Looking into the simplicity my website, you will be wondering if it was really that hard to achieve that score. Haven’t I just used some good caching plugins and page resource compression tools to get that? Believe it or not, even after setting up all the best caching and resource compression tools, it took me 7 days and 15 hours more to make some rigorous customizations and testings to get to that final score. Let me break apart the PageSpeed scores(1) step-by-step below to show you the big differences in the end.

Without any cache as well as customization

PageSpeed score (desktop) without customization and cache
(for Desktop visitors)
PageSpeed score (mobile) without customization and cache
(for Mobile visitors)

With cache and compression setup but NO customization

PageSpeed score (desktop) with cache but no customization
(for Desktop visitors)
PageSpeed score (mobile) with cache but no customization
(for Mobile visitors)

Final PageSpeed scrores after all my manual customizations and tweaks

PageSpeed score (desktop) final
(for Desktop visitors)
PageSpeed score (mobile) final
(for Mobile visitors)

Please also note that I have not used any CDN service to help me achieving those final scores. Anyway, is page speed for mobile visitors of a website really important? At present, around 52% of website visitors come from mobiles according to this statistics, whereas the remaining visitors are from desktops and tablets collectively.

You can check my website’s PageSpeed score live here. Now you have seen the proof that caching and compression tools are not just enough to achieve higher PageSpeed score in Google. You have to do more than that.

And I can guarantee you that no plugin, tools or any third-party service can do it automatically for you. You will need an expert, dedicated webmaster who works with care and analyzes very carefully to figure out the most achievable page speed for your website while not breaking or compensating any functionality of the site.

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(1) PageSpeed scores displayed above, were taken before adding Google Analytics code into the site.