Rajesh Dey

Webmaster with 10+ years of professional experience in Web Development

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I started my webmaster career in 2009 at a renowned outsourcing company. I ended my service there in November 2019. During those 10 years, I handled all responsibilities of Senior Webmaster and served my expertise to several offshore clients. In 2020, I started pursuing my career as a full-time freelance web developer.

​Most of the time, the​ project specifications of my ​client​s ​are so diverse. Therefore, the level of support I ​provide for them is wide-ranging. Uncommon Knowledge (UNK) is such an unforgettable team I joined in 2010.

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Photo of Webmaster Rajesh Dey

I am a Perfectionist. I do not rush to finish a project within the least amount of time possible. Because the end result of fast delivery comparing to the perfect delivery is not the same.

And before I proceed to fix any website issues, I prefer to suggest all potential solutions to my clients first. I discuss with them the pros and cons of each solution. I explain the capability of each solution to adapt to future circumstances. Then my clients decide happily which solution fits their purpose most.

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