Rajesh Dey

Web Developer with 10 years of professional experience

Rajesh Dey, Webmaster

At 2009, I started my job career as a full-time employee at a renowned outsourcing company. That has ended at November, 2019. During those 10 years, I had been holding the position of Senior Web Programmer and served my expertise as an experienced webmaster to several clients.

Each and every client was very unique and their need of support and care from me, were significantly different from one to another. Even the back-end architecture, configuration, design as well as layout of their websites, were so diverse.

Uncommon Knowledge (UNK) is one of the most kindhearted, generous and unforgettable team I worked with since 2009 up to 2019. I handled responsibilities of the Web Admin as well as Senior Webmaster for them and worked on their more than 20 websites built on WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine and more.

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Reliability and Trustworthiness are not the words that one should attach to himself so simply like many are doing these days. It has to be proven by some means. And there are clear differences between Fast Delivery and Perfect Delivery.

I am sort of Perfectionist. I do not like how others rush with client projects to finish as soon as possible. Because it will make honorable clients happy only for a certain time. There will be errors and bugs left behind the screen and clients will discover those today or tomorrow. Instead, I take time to analyze the requirements of a client’s project and then I start to finish it as per expected perfection.

And it is one of my natural instincts suggesting all potential solutions to my clients regarding their website issues. Then I discuss with them to decide which would be the best solution before I start on it. I always have been appreciated for my this work attitude.

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